OK, NOW Do We Get to See the Democrat War Plan for Iraq?

After all, it’s not really “cut-and-run,” they told us. But that’s all they ever told us.

Well, now I have to wrap my mind around the words “Speaker Pelosi” and the fact that she’s second in line for the Presidency behind Cheney. (Shudder.)

Did you note that the Republican’s weren’t shouting about “every vote being counted” and “voter suppression”? Neither did the MSM.

Tamara notes:

I’ve worked in a gun store during the passage of the ’94 Assault Weapons Ban, the eve of Y2K, and 9/11, so I’m ready. Coal Creek employees new to this gig, on the other hand, are probably in for a bit of a shock, because I’m predicting a Christmas season filled with a spectacular amount of panic buying. Get those .50 Cals and Evil Black Rifles now, kiddies. While you still can…

Yup. This year’s tax return will be going to a DSA SA58 Tactical Carbine, I think. And another EOTech, a bunch of magazines, brass, bullets, and powder. Unless Congress passes another retroactive tax hike and Bush refuses to veto. After all, according to Hillary, we don’t really need our money, the “common good” does.

Let’s hope (though all evidence is against it) that the Republican Party machine apparatchiks actually learn something from this.

Problem is, anybody running for high office is, as my earlier Mencken quote so accurately described, “indistinguishable from a streetwalker.” Though streetwalkers may be slightly more honest in giving service on par with their pay.

A commenter, “Joe,” at Tam’s says the following:

Some of you are making the assumption that there WILL be a gradfather clause in AW Ban 2.0. I can’t look up sources here at work but I do remember a few of the major gun-grabbing people stating the next AW ban won’t have the loopholes in it the first one did. I believe that one of the top gun grabbers made mention of ” no grandfathering ” any of the guns that were part of the original or any of the ones made after the ban – again, I’m at work and can’t look it up.

I don’t know if they’ve got the will or the numbers to pursue “AW Ban 2.0,” but I will state here clearly: if Joe is right and an AW Ban 2.0 carries a “Mr. and Mrs. America, turn them all in” clause, on the date that bill becomes law, I become an outlaw.

Molon Labe.

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