I Have Never Met a Cheaper Bastard than a Shooter

And I plead guilty to the charge as well.

I went to the “End of the Year” AR15.com shoot at the Casa Grande public range today, and shot off most of my remaining .223 ammo. It’s time to order more components. My bullet of choice is the Hornady 75 grain boattail hollowpoint match. I load it over 23.5 grains of Varget (this is a safe published load, but use it at your own risk anyway) in LC brass – it’s about all that will fit with that long, long bullet. I was able to pop clay pigeons stuck in the 250 yard backstop with this load off the bench, and bust any rock that was big enough to see. My 9″ x 11″ x 1″ AR500 plate steel swinger was absolutely no challenge at all. But I’m out of the last thousand I bought, so I need more.

I went to the AR15.com reloading page and clicked on their list of reloading supplier URLs, then went through them one by one checking prices. This is what I found:

Midway Usa:

Hornady Match Bullets 22 Caliber (224 Diameter) 75 Grain Boat Tail Hollow Point Box of 100
Product #: 559619
Manufacturer #: 2279
Our Price: $14.29

Sinclair International:

P/N H2279
Hornady 22 cal 75 gr BTHP MCH Box/100
100 Count Price: $15.00 500 Count Price: $69.25

10% Discount When Purchasing 5-Pack Sleeves
Note: This discount ONLY applies if you purchase multiples of 5.
5 or more $13.85 ea.

Midsouth Shooter’s Supply:

Item: 003-2279
Status: In Stock
Price: $13.23/100

Manufacturer: Hornady
Stock Number: H2279
Number In Stock: 0
Price: $13.50 each

And then I hit upon the Holy Grail for cheapskates:

Graf & Sons:

HRN 22c (.224) 75gr BTHP BULLET MATCH 600/BX
Item Number: HRN22796
Availability: In stock
Price: $69.99

And Graf & Sons includes freight. (There is a $3.95 “handling charge” per order, but that’s still a great deal.)

I ordered two.

I am such a cheap bastard.

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