Which “Gun Culture”?.

In relation to that piece from last Wednesday, I give you a post from Fodder at Ride Fast & Shoot Straight that illustrates the difference between the two “gun cultures.”

Yes, two. Although many people like Mayor Ann Thomas of Haverhill in the UK believe there is only one:

Mayor Ann Thomas said she was “absolutely shocked” at the spate of robberies in Haverhill, but felt it was part of a national increase in gun culture rather than a particular problem in the town itself.

Even England still has two gun cultures:

PUT down those golf clubs and go for your gun: shooting is fast becoming the social networking sport of choice.

A survey of 2,000 companies and 14,000 directors shows that shooting is soaring in popularity. A decade ago, toting a shotgun did not even feature among the most popular recreations listed by company directors. But the survey ranks shooting as the seventh most popular recreation, almost level with gardening.

Anyway, give Fodder’s post a look. It’s perfect visual accompaniment for clueless gun-phobes.

(Sorry about the lack of posting. Very busy, other distractions, etc. More stuff coming. Just maybe not today.)

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