Historical Revisionism

(Or: Down the Memory Hole?)

I’ve been making the rounds of the internet, using Technorati and other tools to see what people on the other side are saying on about the Zumbo incident. Where comments are allowed, I’ve been putting in my 2¢. Well, I hit on a doozy. I left a comment. It started an exchange. But today that web page’s spam filter decided that I was a spammer and wouldn’t let me post. And this afternoon, my initial comment has vanished from the page!

Good thing I archived it, because I’m going to reproduce it here for posterity.

An American expat living in Korea runs a blog called The One With Aldacron. Apparently he’s a “bright” – one of the more militant versions of Athiest (big “A”), and, of course, a Lefty.

And, of course, an expert on firearms and the Constitution. His post, Moron of the Week #4 I will leave to you to read (unless, of course, he revises or pulls it, whereupon I’ll post a copy of it here), but hie thee yon and read it, then come back for the comment that mysteriously disappeared (but that he responds to in his first comment.)

Done? Good! Here’s what I said:

“It’s utterly insane to hunt prairie dogs, or any animal, with a weapon made for war.”

Do you have any idea how ignorant that statement is? Every single bolt-action rifle is based on a design specifically made for war.
The “assault rifles” used to hunt prairie dogs and other varmints are as far-removed from the military version of the M16 as a Remington 700 is from a ‘98 Mauser – though I imagine you’ll still find a lot of modified ‘98 Mausers in the deer woods each season.
I’ve been following the commentary on this story around the blogosphere and the one constant is the staggering ignorance of the people opining on a topic they know absolutely nothing about – but who still feel completely justified in inflicting that ignorance on the general population.
“Typical American Ignorance”? I suggest you look in a mirror.

Now, if you’d care to discuss the actual meaning of the Constitution, drop me a note. You might have a lot to learn that will surprise the hell out of you.

Go read the rest of the thread. I had to change my email address for the spam filter to accept my last comment. It may well be my last there. It needn’t be yours.

Edited to add: Dammit! He erased another comment that I didn’t archive. I guess I was making too much sense.

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