I’m Sorry the Lesson Cost You So Much, Mr. Zumbo

(Via Uncle)

Jim Zumbo has written an epistle concerning the Second Amendment and his fateful post. I think he really does get it now. As he said,

If I ever, in my wildest dreams, thought the words I had written would bring the validity of the Second Amendment into question, I assure you I never would have touched my fingers to the keypad.

“(G)ame departments should ban them from the praries(sic) and woods”? I believe you, but dude, how tired were you?

I’m glad you understand. Now, would you please take some time and explain it – using small words – to the “many who understood and agreed with (your) original intent”? Because they obviously don’t get it.

If New Jersey can legally proclaim a 17-shot Marlin Model 60 to be an “assault firearm,” a “highly dangerous offensive weapon,” then anything can be – and hunters and benchresters and clay shooters and the rest had better all figure that out.

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