First I’ve Heard of It.

Remember last year’s Rocky Balboa? A pretty good flick, really. Small, unpretentious, well acted, good story. Nothing surprising about it other than it was good. Well, through Ian Hamet comes a clip for Silvester Stallone’s latest explanation for his possession of Human Growth Hormone, and another character-titled film, John Rambo. It looks like a good old-fashioned Lone Wolf movie, an action-packed butt-kicker where John Rambo once again puts the hurt on an entire army single-handedly. Very, very un-PC.

And there is no squeamishness about the gore. (After “Saw,” and the other similar splatfests, I should hope not.)

Check out the trailer while it lasts.

Tagline: “When you’re pushed, killin’s as easy as breathin’.”

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