He May Not Have Declared, but He’s Definitely Campaigning

If you haven’t already heard, Michael Moore challenged Fred Thompson to a debate over an op-ed Thompson wrote in National Review about Moore’s trip to Cuba for his latest “documentary.” Moore’s challenge was published this morning. Thompson’s video response was posted by noon.

As others have said, I have no doubt far more eyes will see Thompson’s video that will watch even 60 seconds of tonight’s Republican “debate.” There’s already eleven links to the Volunteer Voters page and 160 to the original Breitbart page, among them Oliver Willis who writes:

Can anyone seriously watch this clip of Fred Thompson “responding” to Michael Moore and not say the guy is a freaking joke?

Which only goes to prove that screaming Leftists have absolutely no sense of humor.

Unless he was talking about Michael? No. Didn’t think so.

Oh yes, Fred Thompson is campaigning. And I don’t think the other candidates are going to know what hit them.

UPDATE: OK, I retract that “60 seconds” comment above. I just watched the 60-second YouTube clip of Ron Paul v. Rudy.

THAT left a mark.

UPDATE 5/18: Peggy Noonan validates me.

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