Quote of the Freakin’ WEEK.

Via Joe Huffman:

(Judge Karen LeCraft) Henderson’s second insight was that despite the right belonging to “the people” in the amendment, it actually belonged only to the militia as an organized military force. To believe this, you have to believe that the United States is the only nation on Earth that felt a need to guarantee its government, in writing, the right to have an army — which is possible, I suppose, if Jefferson foresaw the attitude of the modern Democrat party towards the military. – Mac Johnson, Court Rediscovers 2nd Amendment, Liberals Fear Other ‘Rights’ May Soon be Found, HumanEvents.com, 3/15/07

And for those of you who do not know, Judge Henderson was the dissenting voice in Parker v D.C. – and curiously enough, voted against an en banc rehearing of the case on appeal.

I’m really curious to know why.

(Just an aside: I’m currently working 12+ hour days. Blogging will be slim for a bit.)

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