(Audio) Receiver Bleg.

Well, my Technics SA-EX400 receiver has finally given up the ghost. It is no more. It’s a dead parrot.

I need a new one.

There is never a good time to buy new audio equipment – everything changes so fast in that industry. I remember reading some piece of fiction sometime where the main character said something on the order of “I’m not going to start buying compact discs until somebody promises me that this is the LAST change they’re going to make!”

I am not an audiophile. This thing goes into my living room, where the acoustics are about equivalent to a – well, a living room. Not a listening chamber.

Here’s what I hook to it:

A turntable (needs a needle, though.)
A dual cassette deck
A 5-disc CD changer
A DVD player (non-HD, but maybe someday)

This receiver is a 5 channel (maybe 5.1, but I don’t recall seeing a subwoofer output. Hey, it’s been a couple of years…) I use the two main channels and the center channel. It has Dolby Pro Logic, which I like, even though I’m not using the extra two channels. Again, maybe some day. It has an AM/FM tuner as well.

My budget is about $300 +/-. Any suggestions?

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