I Am SO Going to Bake in Heck…

Fellow gunblogger Clayton Cramer has a problem with – what’s the expression? “Non-heteronormative” people. Seeing that San Francisco is ground zero for the “as far from ‘heteronormative’ as is possible to get and still have 23 chromosome pairs,” he gets a lot of fodder from the Bay area. His most recent post on the topic covers two recent “demonstrations” – one was the “Transmarch,” which I’m not even going to comment on, and the other was “The World Naked Bike Ride 2007.”

An image I cached a long, long time ago came immediately to mind I’m ashamed to say, but I find myself strangely unable to refrain from posting it any longer:

(This was a poster put out by the group itself, so they had a sense of humor about it anyway.)

I have to wonder if Chamois Butt’r would help with that? (Somebody, please stop me…)

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