Really, Really Late.

This is a gunblog, after all.

I’m out of town (again), so I’m afraid posting must be light – no 7,000-word essays & such. Perusing through the stuff I’ve missed over the past several days, I ran across this post at Say Uncle. Pictures of 10/22’s? Why yes, yes I do:

(Click for full size)

Say Uncle asks, “What, you don’t name yours?” In this case, yes.

When my wife saw it after I’d swapped out the stock and barrel and mounted the way too much scope, she said “THAT’S the cute little rifle I gave you for Father’s Day?? It’s technologically barbaric!”

Meet Conan the Borg.

He’s since received a Volquartsen trigger group that cost more than the original gun. You can see the extended magazine release there in front of the trigger guard.

I told her the day she gave it to me, “Oh, love – you don’t know what you just started!”

I was right.

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