Quote of the Day.

It’s a twofer! From American Thinker, an essay entitled President Thompson by J. Peter Mulhern:

We have gotten so used to speaking of the President of the United States “running the country” that most of us no longer notice how unrealistic and unAmerican that expression is. The whole point of the American Revolution was to establish a country without anyone to run it.

Actually, there’s a whole bunch of quotable quotes in this piece, and while I do not agree with every point Mr. Mulhern makes in it, I am in overall agreement with his analysis of Fred Dalton Thompson’s chances.

His piece is quite long (Yeah, I know: “Pot? Meet Kettle!”), but I think Tam’s take on Fred’s run is just as accurate, and far more brief:

Personally, I think in a one on one national race, Hillary might edge Giuliani or Romney, but Fred Thompson would beat her like a drum. She would look like a shrieking harpy on stage next to Mr. Folksy, and your average American just isn’t ready to vote for the Shrew over the baritone Paterfamilias. They’d better run somebody with more charisma than Rudy or Mitt, though, because to your average Survivor-watching ‘Murrican who reads no news other than the sports page, those are just another couple of white guys in suits, but they know and trust D.A. Arthur Branch and Admiral Painter because the TeeVee and Tom Clancy told them to.

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