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No, ye card-carrying members of the Hollywood left: All your “explanations” are dead wrong. You just don’t want to come to grips with the fact that you hate America but your audience doesn’t.

And they aren’t willing to pay you to insult them.

From The Bidinotto Blog‘s post, Anti-war movies tank at the box office. RTWT.

I believe I said much the same thing after seeing only the movie trailers a while back.

UPDATE: The commenters to this Breitbart piece on the commercial failure of these films all seem to agree with me. It isn’t that “They don’t want to be reminded about the mental toll that the Iraq War is having on us,” it’s that they’re sick and tired of Hollywood shitting on the military, “flyover country,” and America in general.

Sample comment:

Hallelujah! Thank you, to all the responders so far. It does my heart good to see that so many people (all of you?) feel the same way that I do about these movies, and Hollywood in general.

I have an idea for Hollywood: Let’s get some great actors, some great directors, some great producers, and some great screenwriters, and let’s make a movie that edifies America, edifies our troops, and captures on the big screen the true bravery and gallantry that are being exhibited every day over in Iraq. Make a movie like that, and THEN let’s see how movie-goers respond!

Hollywood makes a sucky product that doesn’t sell, and the only reason they can come up with is, “People go to the movies to escape. We just need to make our anti-American military films more entertaining” … *groan* What a bunch of self-righteous dullards.

God bless America.

Read ’em all.

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