Somebody Want to Comment on the School Shooting in Finland?

I mean, besides the fact that it’s America’s fault?

Though I must admit, I appreciated this comment:

I am a former Finn (now US Citizen) and I absolutely hate the fact that this has been turned to be somehow US’ fault or influence. Sick people live everywhere and the oppressive Social-Democracy (which is a thin wafer away from totalitarian fascism) make people go POP.

People in Finland should really look into the depressive culture created by the money-grabbing socialists. Seriously. Otherwise I am not surprised if someone blows up the parliament building there at some point.

I am very, very happy I got out of that place and I am very proud to be an American. Since I know the difference between Welfare State system and American Way, I pick the latter ANY DAY.

Why? ’cause here I am *FREE*!

— Posted by Former Finn

Then, of course, there’s this ignorant half-informed idiot:

Switzerland and Israel teachs most of its men how to use guns. But they don’t allow assault rifles as we do in the USA as if to say anything goes.

Would Nazi Germany have risen if every one had a gun?

The answer is universal militia training as in Switzerland and Israel.

— Posted by gerson jacobs

Well Mr. or Ms Jacobs, you’re right. Israel and Switzerland don’t allow “assault rifles” as we do in the USA. They get fully-automatic weapons, where ours are only semi-automatic. I guess that’s because we don’t get trained by the government. Of course, we have to buy ours, instead of having them issued by that same government.


(h/t: TFS Magnum)

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