I Wonder, Do I Frighten Them?

The Smallest Minority was born of a debate between me and a gentleman living in London. Since that time I’ve had several discussions with other bloggers, a guest poster, and by email with a correspondent more than once.

But just recently I have had two debates just not happen. The first was Robyn Ringler, a gun control activist blogging at a newspaper site. Robyn had an open comments policy. Then she didn’t. Then she stopped blogging in September. I never got a response on my invitation. Not even a “go to hell.”

Later in September Say Uncle found an anti-gun piece and linked to it. I, of course, left a comment or two, and those comments drew a response from another reader. That reader is (or was) also a blogger, and we agreed (or so I thought) to have a debate. His next post, however, was apparently his last. I’m afraid that he was possibly arrested by the TSA and received rendition to a redacted country for interrogation! I can’t come up with another reasonable explanation for his disappearance. Surely I did not frighten him away!

Tonight I have made another invitation to discuss the topic of gun control with a lawyer-type blogger in Philadelphia. I won’t go further at this time, as I don’t want to inundate her with gun-rights traffic, but I’m hopeful that this one will take the bait agree to discuss the topic. If she is a lawyer, it should be a most illuminating discussion.

Hope springs eternal…

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