Shooting for South Carolina.

I believe Fred Thompson’s campaign strategy hinges on a good finish in South Carolina. If you really want to see Thompson on the 2008 ballot, he needs your support. I’d never donated to a campaign before, but I threw him $100 about a week before the Iowa Caucus. He’s trying to raise $540k by January 11 for the Jan. 19 South Carolina primary. Christmas bills are rolling in, and I am, somehow or another, going to the Second Amendment Blog Bash in May, but I’m going to chip in another $50. As of now he has about $270k.

By my count there are 135 bloggers who have announced that they support Fred Thompson listed at Flopping Aces. If we average $50 each, that’s another $6,750.

Representative democracy works for those that show up.

Show up.

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