CNN – The Most Busted Name in News.

Nothing like accuracy in journalism. Reader “homeboy” emailed me a link to a CNN report on YouTube designed to inspire PSH among the citizenry over “painted guns.” Yes, the “Hello Kitty” AR-15 and various other firearms refinished in Gun Kote and other finishes. They even get a spokesman from Law Enforcement to inform the public about the dangers of pink guns. As SayUncle put it, “if you see a gun-shaped object then it is in your best interest to assume it is a gun and act accordingly.”

But the point of this post is CNN’s legendary accuracy. It’s real, but it’s NOT a Glock:

But they think it is.

Hey, why not? CNN believed that a post-ban AK couldn’t destroy cinderblocks, and pre-ban AK’s were fully automatic.

There’s not a single recreational shooter working at CNN, is there?

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