I’ve GOT to Work on My Split Times…

I shot my second Tucson Action Shooters Club pistol match this morning. Again, I didn’t come in last – just eleventh out of thirteen shooters. I had only one malfunction – me, not seating a magazine properly – that cost me about ten seconds to fix, and possibly one position on the final score sheet.

I don’t miss much at all, but my biggest problem is my split-times – the time between shots when putting two on the same target. I really need to practice getting that second shot off, and accurately, fast. I watch a lot of the guys “spray-n-pray,” and it works for them, but most of them are using double-stack magazines with ten or more rounds. I’m shooting 8-round single-stack. I can’t afford to miss, or I’ll be wasting time reloading.

However, if you’ll note: Larry M. James and I (who finished 10th 8th and 11th respectively) took second in the team events. I’m pretty happy about that.

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