I Love My People…

…we People of the Gun. There are currently at least eight posts all linking to one very interesting post and comment thread at Sociological Images. They are as follows:

If You Read Nothing Else Today

WARNING: Possible tools of the gun lobby

Quote of the Day

A Basic Human Right

Visual Rhetoric

Their Own Weapon Turned Against Them

Interesting Images

A Rant Deleted

The original post is dated January 6, 2008, so it took a while for our grassroots to find it, but just damn!

I complained awhile ago about some of our more vocal elements sometimes being a detriment to our cause, but the comments to this post are outstanding, even given the inevitable minor errors. The entire tone is calm, logical, factual, and fierce.

Everybody who commented? Take a bow. You deserve it.

Everybody who linked? You are the difference between Joyce-funded astroturf, and the grassroots from the divots our opponents keep picking out of their teeth.

I love all y’all.

UPDATE: If you’re visiting from DemocraticUnderground, you might want to read this response to Iverglas.

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