(*SIGH*) I’ve Already Answered That Question

Say Uncle linked to an op-ed at the Philadelphia Daily News website by one Jill Porter: How many must die before gun lobby gets message?

I’ve been asked that question before, so I dropped her an email:

Ms. Porter:

I read with interest your recent column “How many must die before gun lobby gets message?”

Apparently you haven’t been paying attention, but we – the gun-owning public (AKA “the gun lobby”) – have.

The message is “there are too many gun in America.” The message is “it’s too easy to buy guns in America.” The message is “guns cause crime in America.”

We’ve heard it, loud and clear.

And we reject it.

I’ve been asked the question you put forward in your column before. Here is my response:

“How many deaths will it take before you realize that gun control isn’t effective, and stop pushing for new gun control laws?”

I have written a piece of my own that I invite you to read (and hopefully comment on) here:


I don’t really expect you to follow through, but you did ask the question.

We’ll see if she has anything to say, but I’m not holding my breath.

Edited to add this very appropriate cartoon:

(Click for full size)

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