In Keeping with Harshing Your Mellow

In Keeping with Harshing Your Mellow…

I would not be at all surprised if SCOTUS hands down the Heller decision today, since there has been another rampage shooting in a workplace this morning.

An employee shot and killed four of his fellow workers at a plastics plant in Henderson, Ky., on Wednesday, before shooting himself, the police said.

Two other workers at the plant, Atlantis Plastics, were also shot and they were transferred to hospitals in Evansville, Ind., the Henderson Police Department said in a statement. “The cause behind this incident is unknown, however, the suspect is known to have gotten into an argument with a supervisor earlier in the evening,” the police statement said.

After the argument, the suspect left the plant for his regular break and when he returned he was carrying a handgun, police said. The identities of the victims and of the suspected killer were not immediately released, and it was not clear whether the supervisor was among those killed.

According to the radio report I listened to on the way in to the office this morning, the shooter went home, got a gun, came back and started shooting.

Boy, it’s a good thing that people aren’t allowed to keep firearms in their cars at work, isn’t it? That kind of “common-sense thinking” prevents this sort of incident!


So, anyway, with this story starting off the day, I will not be surprised for SCOTUS to say, today, in Tam’s words,

“It’s an individual right, but only not.”

Sorry, but the more I consider it, the less likely I find the idea that the courts will save us, and I’ve felt that way a LONG time.

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