Memes and Monkeyspheres

Memes and Monkeyspheres

Another bit of linkery. LabRat has penned a fascinating post over at Atomic Nerds, Parasite memes and monkeyspheres, that I strongly urge you to go read.

Quite a mind between that woman’s ears. Excerpt:

For the most part, it barely even matters if they work or not, as people tend to discard or ignore ideas the moment they become inconvenient; a bad meme is only a serious disadvantage to the host if it leads to some more traditionally Darwinian end, like standing in front of an Israeli bulldozer and expecting it to stop for the righteousness of your cause. Seen through the prism of history, really bad memes seem to be much more reliably fatal for everyone else. Stalin, after all, lived to 74.

Another excerpt from that post will be Quote of the Day for Friday.

Go. Read. Think.

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