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Quote of the Day


If big business is so right-wing, why do huge banks fund liberal and left-wing charities, activists, and advocacy groups, then brag about it in commercials and publicity campaigns? How to explain that there’s virtually no major issue in the culture wars – from abortion to gay marriage to affirmative action – where big business has played a major role on the American right while there are dozens of examples of corporations supporting the liberals side?

That’s the lede for this:

Indeed, the myth of the right-wing corporation allows the media to tighten liberalism’s grip on both corporations and the culture. John McCain perfectly symbolizes this catch-22 of modern liberalism. McCain despises the corrupting effect of “big money” in politics, but he is also a major advocate of increased government regulation of business. Apparently he cannot see that the more government regulates business, the more business is going to take an interest in “regulating” government. Instead, he has concluded that he should try to regulate political speech which is like decrying the size of the garbage dump and deciding the best thing to do is regulate the flies. – Jonah Goldberg, Liberal Fascism, pp. 312-313.

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