Selling the Mustang

Selling the Mustang

I have a 1967 original big-block fastback Mustang – 390FE, C6 auto, 3.25:1 open 9″, originally equipped with power steering & A/C (that doesn’t work), overhead console, but no floor console, floor shifter, power front disc / rear drum brakes. It’s been repainted from the original Raven Black to a metallic blue so deep you have to see it in bright sunlight to realize it’s not black.

I’ve owned it for more than ten years.

I’ve put less than 2,000 miles on it.

It’s been parked in my garage for three years and does not currently run.

I also have a 428CJ bare block that’s been magnafluxed and sonic checked, and a 428CJ crank that’s been turned .020/.020 under, and a brand new in the box Edelbrock Performer RPM intake manifold, and some other miscellaneous pieces and parts from a ’68 GT.

I’ve decided it’s time to choose one expensive hobby and stick with it, and shooting is the winner. It’s time to sell the ‘Stang.

When I bought it, it had an appraisal that said it was worth $11,900. I have no idea what it’s worth now. I need to get it running, and cleaned up thoroughly. I’m afraid the paint is burned from having bird droppings on it for an extended period (yes, I know), and it’s got a touch of body cancer in the passenger side door that was there when I bought it.

So, for anybody out there, is eBay Motors worth it? Have you bought/sold a car through that venue? Any clue what my asking price should be (once I get it running?) I’d take pictures, but it’s filthy, and I can’t easily get it out of the garage, where it’s surrounded by a ton of crap.

Any advice is welcome.

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