2008 is Turning Out to be a Busy Year

First, in May I got to celebrate TSM‘s fifth blogiversary by going to Louisville to attend the NRA convention/2nd Amendment Blog Bash. As a result of that, in August I get to go to Blackwater in North Carolina and shoot Para-USA‘s pistols and ammunition. Then in October I’m off to Reno for the third annual Gunblogger’s Rendezvous!

Now, y’all are planning to attend GBRIII, aren’t you? It’s time to make your reservations and travel arrangements! You never know which airline might be going out of business next! I’m driving, but I made my hotel reservations this evening and I’ve got my check for the pizza dinner all made out and ready to mail.

C’mon, Reno in October is beautiful! Come hobnob, gnosh and imbibe with with us! Throw some rounds downrange on Saturday! Shoot other people’s ordnance! It’s a great weekend!

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