Back from the Match

Back from the Match

Today’s Pima Pistol Steelworker’s match was a little different from the ones I’ve shot there before. Normally we have five different shooting bays to use, so there are five different scenarios to shoot. Unfortunately we’ve had some pretty severe rain over the last week so three of the bays weren’t available. Plus, apparently they’re going to be running a Steel Challenge shoot at Pima soon, so today’s shoot was a practice setup for that. Only four stages, but they were taken from the Steel Challenge website, modified slightly for our equipment. We don’t use a stop plate, but rather a standard shot timer, and we shot the plates in any order. Here’s a quick video of me shooting Stage 2. There are four falling plates and two silhouettes. The stage is: knock down the plates, two rounds on each silhouette, step over the shooting line (that piece of 2×2 on the ground at my feet) and engage the silhouettes with two more rounds each. Note that I’m using an 8-round capacity standard 1911. And I missed the first plate.

Here’s another shooter on Stage 1 showing you how to do it right. In this stage there are three large targets that get two hits each, and two small targets that get one hit each. Shoot them all, step over the firing line and do it again:

I’m not embarrassed by my time, but I definitely need improvement. Still, I had a lot of fun! And I wore my Heller Kitty shirt, and got a couple of compliments on it.

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