Quote of the Day

Quote of the Day

I pack up my gear, head to the range and in the solitude of my lane, pick up my pistol and transcend all barriers of gender, age, race and disability. I have seen so much diversity at the range, so much openness and camaraderie among those that would probably never even exchange a hello in any other situation. Guns really are terrific equalizers. They make us realize that we are all just people – fingers on triggers, a breath between silence and noise. – Breda, finding truth

This tied with one from Tam:

I love living in American-occupied America, where you can walk into Mailboxes Etc. with a Pattern 1853 Enfield replica under your arm and the guy behind the counter says “Wow, that’s a beauty!” before boxing it and shipping it without so much as a blink.Mailing a musket

A coin-toss decided the order of posting.

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