Ah Well, Gotta Be PC

I’m gonna be on TV! Can’t wear my Proud Member of the Triangle of Death t-shirt. Or my 72 Virgins Dating Service t-shirt. Or my Achmed the Dead Terrorist t-shirt. Probably shouldn’t wear my Some Days it’s Not Even Worth Chewing Through the Restraints t-shirt, but I am wearing that one on the plane tomorrow. We’re going to a steakhouse Thursday night, so I’d love to wear my Meat is Murder shirt, but there’ll be no time for me to change even if my flight(s) are not delayed.

I will, however, be taking my Heller Kitty shirt, and my Celebrate Diversity shirt. I expect to pick up a couple of new ones while I’m out of town this weekend, too!

When the “Meat is Murder” shirt arrived, my wife asked me, “Do you own any shirts that won’t offend someone?” I replied, “Where’s the fun in that?”

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