I Think I Want One of These

I Think I Want One of These

I received an email Friday concerning the upcoming trip to play with ParaUSA’s guns at Blackwater. Seems we’re going to be transported in Blackhawk‘s 20-passenger bus. But before we head to the Blackwater facility, we get to go to Blackhawk’s store and peruse the merchandise.

So I went to their website, being unfamiliar with the vendor, and took a look around. Much tacticool urban-ninja gear.

But I think I’m going to have to buy me one of these:

If you can’t see exactly how the edges and point are constructed, watch the video at the site. That is very cool; chisel-ground edges and point. That has to be hell-for-stout. Pricey, but. . .

Anyway, I plan to look at one, and if it’s everything it appears to be, I think I’ll be shipping one home. (What, you don’t think I’m going to put it in my checked baggage, do you?)

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