Made It!

Made It!

I’m in Norfolk. The Delta ticket agent did not freak when I checked my bag with a pistol in it, the flights were pretty much on time, and I was met at the Norfolk airport by JR, Sailorcurt, Caleb and Rob. I managed to break the bug deflector on a pickup in a parking lot getting out of Curt’s van. (I figure that’ll cost me a couple hundred bucks.) Had dinner with the guys at a steakhouse, and Rob was his normal hysterical self.

My dad refers to my mother as “The Defendant.” They’re not married anymore. After picking me up from my mom’s, he’d ask, “So, how’s The Defendant?”

Now I’m checked into the hotel, got my internet fix for the day, and I’m going across the street to the Hilton to meet the crowd at the Hilton’s bar. SayUncle has arrived, and I’m not sure who else is here besides Sebastian. Should be fun! Later.

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