THIS Was Interesting

THIS Was Interesting

National Public Radio’s Weekend America show tomorrow will have a segment I wanted to listen to. Here’s the blurb for it that I received via email this morning:

In This Week’s Show, We…

… Shoot a Gun.
Weekend America Correspondent Sean Cole is terrified of guns. The only thing that scares him more than guns is the idea of falling asleep with one beside him. This weekend, Sean goes to the shooting range for the first time.

Actually, he went some time ago, but the segment airs this weekend. But there’s more to it than that. At their website, this is the blurb:

This weekend in Manchester, N.H., you can shoot a machine gun for $25. If you don’t have your own, you can rent one. And actually you can do that any day of the week in Manchester. Weekend America’s Sean Cole was recently invited up to one of those ranges by his friend Nick, who called the trip a “man-cation.” Unfortunately, Sean is what was referred to on the playground as a “girl.”

The New Hampshire shoot is a machine gun shoot to benefit the New Hampshire GOP. Very anti-PC. Twenty-five dollars lets you shoot an Uzi. I wonder if Mark Steyn will be attending?

The Sean Cole story is currently available as streaming RealMedia here.

Cole didn’t react like Emily Yoffe did, though I am not surprised. This is the second piece on guns and shooting (that I’m aware of) that Weekend America has done. The last one was surprisingly positive. This one was surprisingly not negative.

And Heller wasn’t mentioned once.

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