Who Says Bloggers Don’t Do Investigative Reporting?

Who Says Bloggers Don’t Do Investigative Reporting?

(Via Uncle) Rich Hailey at Shots Across the Bow puts on his investigative journalist’s fedora and digs into those “You may have won a CAR!” promotional mailings that car dealers mail out. My favorite excerpt:

I met Harold Posey, an older gentleman who referred me to Jeff Hill, brother of the owner. I told Jeff about what I’d found out, and asked him if he was comfortable using these deceptive kinds of tactics to get people onto his lot. He stared at me for a couple of minutes, and started to talk about understanding that I was upset that I hadn’t won the grand prize. I told him that I’d come into the dealership knowing that I wouldn’t win the prize, but was there primarily to find out whether he thought the promotion was in keeping with the ideals of the company.

He invited me back to his office and when we sat down, he began to grill me. Who was I? Where did I work? What kind of job did I do? Then he asked me the big question.

“What gives you the right to come in here and question how I do business?”

“I’m a potential customer and you invited me in when you sent out that direct mailing flyer.”

And he has the right to go home and blog about it.


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