18 Days Until GBR-III!

18 Days Until GBR-III!

If you haven’t made up your mind whether or not you’re coming, do it NOW.

Mr. Completely reports that Hi-Cap Gunworks will be bringing out samples of their handiwork to the range on Saturday for us to paw and drool on. FrontSight has provided a certificate worth $2,000 for your choice of one of several courses they offer that will be used in our fundraising for Project Valour-IT, and FrontSight’s Dr. Ignatius Piazza is going to try to put in an appearance at the Rendezvous. On top of that, Ashley Varner and Glen Caroline will be there representing the NRA and willing to take your questions. Dillon has provided a range bag and possibly other goodies. Hi-Point has again provided a 9mm pistol. Crimson Trace is providing some swag. USCitizen from Traction Control will be bringing his brand-new Barrett M82A1 semi-auto .50BMG rifle, and I’ll be bringing 160 rounds of his match-quality ammo. (You don’t think he’s going to shoot all of that up himself, do you?)

Plus, if you haven’t made it to the first two Rendezvous, you’ll get to meet all of these other lovable gun-nuts:

Mr. Completely himself

KeeWee, from KeeWee’s Corner

Phil & David, from Random Nuclear Strikes

Ride Fast & the Commandress, from Ride Fast – Shoot Straight

Mr. & Mrs. JimmyB, the Conservative UAW Guy

Lou from Mad Gun

Dirt Crashr, from Anthroblogogy

Chris & Mel Byrne, from The Anarchangel

Larry Weeks, from Brownell’s

The Packing Rat

And, well, me of course!

You don’t have to be a blogger to come, so get off your duffs and make your reservations!

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