Militias, 2008

Militias, 2008

Back in 2005 I wrote a piece, Militias, that illustrated just why an armed society was desired by our Founders. Via Kim this morning comes another example: Bayou Renaissance Man, A recipe for neighborhood peace and quiet.


We’ve had the usual crop of wannabe looters, thieves, fake “contractors” out to do quick – and very shady – business, and so on. The “contractors” are the main problem. They’re typically unqualified to do anything, unlicensed, not bonded or insured, and usually out to steal what they can and then run for it. They particularly look for confused or elderly residents, who can be “hustled” into signing a contract and/or providing a large cash payment up front. Of course, as soon as they’re paid, the “contractors” disappear, never to be seen again. Another tactic is to move into a yard and start cleaning up hurricane debris without so much as a “by-your-leave”. When the homeowner comes out and objects, he/she is told that they “owe” money for the work already done, and if they don’t pay, there’ll be “trouble”.

Around here, those tactics don’t work. We’ve distributed our telephone numbers to all nearby, and asked them to call us if there’s any indication of trouble. We also patrol our area at night, taking it in shifts, keeping an eye on houses whose occupants have evacuated, or who are on duty with law enforcement, medical services, fire brigades and other essential services. Of course, we’ve informed our local cops about our activities, and they’re very happy about it. It means they can deploy their limited resources to areas where they’re most needed, and leave us to handle things here.


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