Oooookay. . . .

Oooookay. . . .

Bob Parks of Black & Right wrote a piece on the Left’s attack on Sarah Palin which was picked up by the site Booker Rising.

The commentary there is . . . illuminating. Example:

. . . one wonders if the porch-simian collective imagines that there’s a place for its membership in that apocalyptic white separatist refuge being extolled here by Palin’s pastor;…for- itself.html

I do invite you to watch the videos. It pretty much puts to rest the idea that Palin is not a fundamentalist evangelical Christian. But I didn’t hear anybody damning America. I didn’t hear the pastor blaming anything on “poor, black, PEOPLE!” Not one mention of “chickens coming home to roost.” Also, this isn’t Palin’s pastor, she’s visiting a church in another town, as I see it.

But really, “porch-simian collective”?


Palins pick as VP simply shows the dearth of conviction that really exist on the right. They do not love America, or its highest ideals; I do not care what anyone argues, Conservatives/Whites, love the privileges they believe America entitles them.

Absolutely no conviction at all; Instead of chants of “country first” or even “USA, USA;” the party and their sycophants should be bellowing “White Pride World-Wide”, and be done with it!

You know, I knew there were people out there like that, but this is the first time I’ve actually seen one.


CNN is now totally in the tank for Sarah Palin. They failed with Clinton, and they failed with McCain, and know they’re going to fail with this fourth rate loser. CNN has now been totally exposed for the bought and paid for verminous swine corporate establishment propaganda network that they are.

I cannot help but wonder what color the sky is on that guy’s planet.

One final one:

Sarah Palin is the Republican attack dog now, in the words of Chris Matthews, a torpedo aimed at the Barack Obama campaign.

Now we know why they call her the “barracuda”.

And I agree with Dark Star, I think placing her in a direct adversarial position to Barack Obama is the Republican plan, and it’s also a deviously subtle way to play the race card. The old Black boogie men assaulting the innocent virginal white woman. It’s a classic racial theme.

Now these are NOT the majority opinions expressed – they aren’t even a particularly high percentage, but the mentality is (to sheltered little-ole-me) a bit shocking. Thankfully, these commentators are countered by other voices there.

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