Quote of the Day

Quote of the Day

Stolen in its entirety, a comment from LawDog’s 9/11 post:

Never attribute to malice what can adequately be explained by stupidity.

It isn’t that the MSM gets together and CONSPIRES to avoid images of 9/11/2001, or the bestial behavior of radical muslims around the world. It’s that they cannot grasp it. It doesn’t fit anywhere in their world; a world where Socialism works and they – the anointed – are divinely chosen by Providence to guide those who are less enlightened (that’s us).

They reacted the same way to the news from the killing fields. To the revelation that Stalin was a monster whose body count dwarfed Hitler’s. They cannot deal with the information that so contradicts their world-view, so they blank it out of their minds and unconsciously try to blank it out of the world.

They lack the intelligence to handle world as complicated as the real one – hence the way they fall for Marxism, a belief totally unsuited to the complex modern world – and they lack the moral strength to face the consequences of their past behavior. The mass graves. The misery. Acknowledging these would break them, which is why the become so hysterical when confronted.

They are pathetic intellectual dwarfs and moral lightweights. The proper response to them is not anger but impatient contempt. Certainly they must not be allowed to run the country. – “c. s. p. schofield”

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