Speaking of Groups Obama is Comfortable In

Speaking of Groups Obama is Comfortable In

Barak I Believe in the Second Amendment Obama has had a rather long association with The Joyce Foundation, as detailed with great care by David T. Hardy, Esq., one of the 1% of lawyers that doesn’t suck. I know others have beaten me to the punch, but David’s piece is superlative, and I didn’t want to be the one gunblogger not to mention it.

Today’s Quote of the Day comes from the comments to David’s piece, written by “fred”:

The problem with the “paradigm shift” is that Senator Obama, soon to become POTUS, has been opaque about the contours of his ideology and intellectual templates. A lot of thoughtful citizens like myself have gone in quest of what these might be.

Generally, people are, in part, the sum total of their influences and education. So, you go in search of who advised, educated, influenced, and advanced this man. You also look at his voting record and his stable of advisers. Also, you look at statements he has made to groups out of the public spotlight to find out how he really thinks on a range of subjects. All of this takes time and effort. It does not come easily or cheaply. Especially when the Big Media is actively promoting Sen. Obama.

When you put it all together, it’s troubling, to say the least.


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