We’re Either Dedicated or Crazy

Well, we held the 3rd annual Gunblogger’s Rendezvous shoot at the Palomino Valley Gun Club range today, and it was FREAKING COLD! AND windy. It wasn’t so bad when the wind wasn’t blowing, but when it was. . .

I think I may still have toes.

I came back, unfortunately, with a lot more ammo than I expected to, but I was able to easily hit the 400 yard gong with the Remington 700, and I whacked one at a bit over 600 yards a couple of times, despite the wind. Still, I’m not up to the skill level of Phil of Random Nuclear Strikes who can consistently dust pool cue chalk cubes (about 7/8″ on a side) at 200 yards.

I’ve got to try that.

I hit the 400 yard gong (rather easily) with a .308 pistol too. More on that later, but I’m finding this idea very intriguing. I also hit the 55 gallon drum at over 950 yards with US Citizen’s Barrett M82A1. That thing is awe-inspiring and sinus-clearing at the same time.

We have only two more planned events – both involve stuffing our faces. Dinner tonight at 6:00 followed by a bull session into the wee hours, and then breakfast tomorrow morning before we break up and head our separate ways.

This Rendezvous, despite the lack of a couple of previous attendees, is still the best-attended one so far. I think next year will be even better, especially now that we’re getting more industry attention. Sponsors this year were Brownell’s (their top-of-the-line range bag, and a lot of other stuff – 3rd year), Hi-Point firearms (a pistol – 3rd year), Crimson Trace (T-shirts & hats -1st year) and Para-USA (another pistol – 1st year), FrontSite ($2000 worth of training – 1st year), Dillon Precision (Border-shift ammo bag – 2nd year), plus the NRA gave us a bunch of great swag. Cabela’s gave us a guided tour of their Reno store, and let us play in their arcades for free. It’s been a great weekend.

Excuse me, one of my ears just fell off. I have to go find some superglue and put it back on now. . .

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