Quote of the Day

Quote of the Day

Another 12-hour day. I see my readers have been having fun in the comments! Here’s a golden oldie from Rev. Donald Sensing via a new blog, Occupied Nashville:

I think that others, mostly the various gun-control groups, really just can’t stand freedom exercised by others. They want to live their lives a certain way and make sure that everyone else does, too. They seek a highly ordered, regimented society made up of people just like them. This desire to control others is pernicious and dangerous. They are “invincibly ignorant” in their campaigns because the actual facts about guns in America mean nothing to them. They simply do not want you or me to own a gun, period, no matter for what reason. They do not want us to be free and sovereign. – Rev. Sensing, Heller and the right to bear arms

RTWT, as usual. Sensing’s worth it.

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