Brick & Mortar FAIL

Brick & Mortar FAIL

I received a gift card for the local Caveman’s Warehouse for Christmas, so I went in to see what I could pick up. The barrel for my T/C Encore came today, so I thought I’d maybe get some .260 Remington brass, perhaps some loaded ammo for a baseline comparison, maybe a pound of powder.

I wish I’d brought a camera.

The shelves are empty. Well, not completely, but I think there’s about six pounds of powder, total (what’s left is shotgun powder), about 10% of the normal stock of bullets (what’s left is premium hunting bullets), about 5% of the normal stock of brass (.204 Ruger, anyone?), and it appears that Caveman’s doesn’t stock .260 Remington loaded ammunition of any flavor to begin with.

The firearm section has a wall of pegs on which hang the majority of the handguns they have for sale, and there are usually a dozen or so in the glass display cases.

About half of the pegs are bare, and there’s two (2) revolvers in the display cases.

I asked one of the sales guys about when they might be restocking. He didn’t know. They get whatever’s on the truck when it arrives. He asked if I was familiar with MidwayUSA.

Hell, I’m on a first-name basis with Larry Potterfield. Maybe next year I’ll have to insist that I be given Midway gift certificates.

Tomorrow Caveman’s is having a big sale.

I wonder what the hell they think they’re gonna sell? Well, shotguns. They’ve got a lot of shotguns left.

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