Brick & Mortar SUCCESS

Brick & Mortar SUCCESS

This afternoon I went to my favorite local gunshop, Murphy’s Guns & Gunsmithing, the place where at least one salesman knows me by name. After my experience at Caveman’s Warehouse, I wondered how things’d be there. I loaded some .45ACP yesterday and discovered to my shock that my stock of large pistol primers was a lot lower than I’d thought. Caveman’s Warehouse was completely out.

Murphy’s had ’em.

However, there was an interesting sign tacked up on the primer shelf that advised that customers were limited to 1,000 primers total, due to demand. That was OK with me, because I bought exactly 1,000 Winchester WLP primers. I also found on the shelf an RCBS two-die set for the .260 Remington, which I need for my new Bullberry Encore barrel. Drooling over Perusing the stock of firearms, I found that Murphy’s now has in stock the EAA Witness Match in both .38 Super and 10mm Auto. I’d very much like to have either one of those. Interestingly enough, the 10mm version is about $100 cheaper than the .38 Super.

As has been the case every time I’ve been in Murphy’s, there have been six or more salespeople behind the counter, and almost every one of them has been busy with a customer, a firearm, and a Form 4473. As Dave, the salesman-who-knows-me-by-name put it, “apparently the entire population of Tucson won the lottery.” And it’s been like this ever since November 5.

I’m waiting for Murphy’s to take the massive profits brought about by the Obamessiah and put in a three-level parking garage out in front. It’s damned near impossible to find a parking place there. Ever.

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