“Made as China, Norinco”

I’ve blogged about handmade weapons before, but this not-quite eight minute video (h/t: Dave Hardy) is quite enlightening. It’s about the gun manufacturing done in the remote reaches of Pakistan, where people with, essentially, hand tools make perfectly functional copies of antique and modern firearms.


The title of this post comes from the markings on the slide of this pistol:

It looks like a CZ copy. Nine millimeter, $50. And people wonder why the British handgun ban didn’t work.

But hey, if we can put those eeeeevil gun manufacturers out of business, we can end gun violence!

Horseshit. Guns are not a particularly difficult technology, and there are literally hundreds of millions of them already in circulation. Watch the video where young boys are reloading cartridges on the street and packaging them for sale.

But bear in mind, always, The Other Side believes that “too many guns” defines the problem, and therefore the answer must be to REDUCE THE NUMBER.

But they don’t want to ban anything. Just ask ’em.

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