“26 filing cabinets of gun control data”

“26 filing cabinets of gun control data”

This site will bear watching: Extranos Alley. From this post:

My friends and I have examined every American gun control law, and every law that permits, allows, encourages, or requires citizens to own guns. All 22,309 of them. On the way, we gathered 26 four drawer filing cabinets of information on crime reporting, crime statistics based on crime reporting, and a host of other things. At the end, I intend to bring it all together and explain why I describe gun control advocates in just two words and a prefix. Pro crime activists.

And this post:

I have mentioned digitizing my files on guns and gun controls. It’s going to take a while. Weighing the papers in what we decided was a typical file drawer, it seems there are seven reams per drawer, more or less. There are 104 drawers, total, so I probably have 400,000 or so pages to scan. Many of those pages are “duplex” printed on front and back. And then there are the many newspaper clippings. At 500 pages on a good day, none on a bad one, it’s going to take a while.

I’d imagine. But what a treasure-trove! I look forward to it. And if he’s willing to index it all and burn it to DVDs, I’d probably be willing to buy a copy when he’s done.

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