OK, So, I Lied

OK, So, I Lied

I said a couple of days ago that “normal blogging would resume” shortly.


I took the rest of this week off, and figured I’d use the time to write and reload. WRONG! Instead, I’ve been reading and vegetating – plugged Serenity into the DVD player Thursday and thoroughly enjoyed it for the nth time, finished reading S.M. Stirling’s In the Courts of the Crimson Kings yesterday, then went to the book store and picked up some more books, saw Wolverine yesterday afternoon, then blasted through John Scalzi’s ZoĆ«’s Tale last night (first time I’ve done a non-stop cover-to-cover read in quite a while).

I’ve got stuff I want to write about. (Specifically, I want to finish my final reply to James Kelly, but I’m having problems working up the enthusiasm to actually do it. Sorry.)

I guess you could say I’m enjoying my vacation.

And now I’m getting ready to go to the gun show downtown to see if I can find any of that elusive prey known as primers. Wish me luck.

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