A Conversation I’m Sorry I Missed

A Conversation I’m Sorry I Missed

I had to do site work today, so I left a little early in order to stop at the best truck stop in Tucson on the way to the job site for a little breakfast.

As I approached the cash register to ring out, a gentleman a little older than I was in front of me. The cashier, in normal friendly terms, asked him if he’d enjoyed his breakfast. “It was good,” he said, “but too much food!” His accent marked him as European, at a guess French or Belgian. “It’s so wasteful when people are starving in Africa.”


Flo behind the counter responded with a nuke:

“It’s their karma.”

Phillipe was taken aback. Literally. He took a step back, as though Flo had farted in his general direction. At that point Flo noticed me, and told Phillipe that I probably didn’t want to stand around while they debated international aid issues, so he stepped out of the way so I could pay and be on my way.

But I wish I could have stayed. They went back at it as soon as I started walking away. I imagine that conversation got fascinating quite rapidly.

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