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I couldn’t make this up:

Wisconsin company fixes highway sign mistake

WAUSAU – A Madison company has paid to fix a highway sign south of Wausau with three misspellings.

The word “business” and the names “Rothschild” and “Schofield” were misspelled on the sign along I-39. The word “exit” was the only word spelled correctly.

WSAW-TV reported that Decker Supply Company, the Madison company which made the sign, fixed the errors at its own expense over the weekend. The sign had been installed by a separate company.

Wisconsin DOT records indicate the company was given the correct spelling for the sign.

I bet they were.

Here’s the sign in question:

“The word “exit” was the only word spelled correctly.”

I’m surprised they got the numbers right. If it wasn’t so damned sad, I’d be laughing.

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