A Blast from the Past

Back in May of 2007 I wrote Good Guys 1, Bad Guys 0, the story of a defensive gun use by a Cape Coral, Florida man who was accosted in his own front yard by two young men, one armed with a revolver. He resisted and managed to disarm one opponent, who he then shot. That assailant died as a result of his wound. His accomplices, the other young man involved in the assault and a young woman who was acting as the getaway driver, were later caught. They were charged, per Florida’s law, with murder, since a death occurred during the commission of a felony.

One murder trial began yesterday:

The trial of a Fort Myers man charged with murder started this morning with opening statements and the case’s first witness.

Damion Shearod, 22, faces up to life in prison if convicted of second-degree murder with a firearm, attempted armed robbery with a firearm and burglary with a firearm.

Shearod is charged in the killing of John Patrick Moore, who was shot to death by Cape Coral homeowner Jacob Selack at 2125 N.E. 1st Ave. on May 16, 2007, during a botched robbery.

According to police, Shearod, Moore and Jazzmyne Rahshel Carrol-Love drove from Fort Myers to the house occupied by Selack and his fiancee Elizabeth Kachnic.

Moore, who was carrying a weapon, and Shearod walked up to Selack, who was mowing his yard, according to Cape Coral police. They put a gun to his head and demanded he take them into the house. Selack resisted and when Moore dropped the gun, Selack fired it at him, killing him in the driveway. Shearod ran away. Carrol-Love remained in the car during the alleged robbery attempt.

Shearod was convicted of murder in 2005 and sentenced to 30 years in prison, but a judge overturned the conviction because he determined the jury didn’t have enough evidence to convict.

They should now.

Read the original post, it’s pretty interesting. Note that, once again, the media has no qualms about printing the street address of the actual victim here, Jacob Selack. You can look it up on Google Maps and get a damned street view of the place.

But do we get the home addresses of the perps?


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