Why I Do This

I received this email this morning:


I’ve commented occasionally on your blog, under the name Splodge Of Doom.

I have been reading TSM regularly for nigh-on three years now, starting when I was seventeen. I was pretty new to politics and the like, and started out very easily swayed by whoever I last listened to on any particular issue.

You and the regulars on your blog have taught me a lot over the time I have been reading (although it is perhaps more fair to say I have learned from Markadelphia, rather than him teaching me anything) and I have grown quite a bit since I started reading.

I do not always agree with you, but I pay attention when you speak. This critical thinking stuff is harder than it looks!

This note is just to say thank-you, and I appreciate the lengths you go to to write TSM and reach the fence-sitters.

Yours respectfully,

(Splodge Of Doom)

And this also why I’ll never ban Markadelphia. He’s too perfect an example of the Left in this country not to let him illuminate their failings.

Damn, that made my week.

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