“You Don’t Trust Me?”

Claire McCaskill asked that question of her constituents at a Town Hall meeting, insisting that a “single-payer” bill wouldn’t pass. The response was swift. I’m going to pick on Markadelphia some more, because he is such a stereotype that he lends himself to it.

We’ve been discussing the ChOsen One’s enthusiasm for rushing “Health Care Reform” through the Congress with as little delay, transparency, and discussion as possible, and just why that might be. As many here have objected (me included), it’s a plan that will lead to “single-payer” / “Socialized medicine.”

Markadelphia denies this. For example:

I don’t know for certain what system we will have. So why are you so certain that it will be a single payer system and be as bad as GB?


I didn’t answer the question because the solutions that are out there don’t have the government as a single payer. What they have is the government as one option and private insurance as another.

And from his own blog:

And speaking of the single payer system, the final bill floating around DC is the United States National Health Care Act. This bill is a single payer system, similar to Canada’s health care system, that was put forth by John Conyers. Of the three bills that seek to overhaul health care in the United States, this is the one that is being taken the least seriously. Although, you wouldn’t know it by listening to hyper paranoid voices on the right.

In fact, virtually all single payer advocacy groups have been screaming at the top of their lungs that they are being excluded from the process…other than a pity meeting with Max Bachus. The fact is that this bill is never going to pass because our country, despite what the flat earthers will have you believe, is center right. Private industry will never be shut out of the process. It’s too integral to our economy and our future as a nation. This is very true when it comes to health care. I do agree that competition spurs innovation and with a single payer system, we would not have that.

And that’s why out of all three bills, I favor HR3200 out of all three. Primarily, it offers the best of both worlds and addresses the issue of how to pay for all of this. Wyden’s bill relies too heavily on the private sector and Conyers bill will, in all likelihood, break the bank. We need to strike a balance and that’s what this bill does. And this balance allows for traps and pitfalls that are going to occur along the way where the other two really don’t.

Yes, Markadelphia trusts the government to come up with a “third way” that will provide a “public option” without eliminating private insurance.

Neo-Neocon found a video I’ve been waiting for. I’ve seen all of these clips spread around, but someone took the time to compile them into a coherent whole:

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zZ-6ebku3_E&hl=en&fs=1&rel=0&w=640&h=505]
Why are we “so certain that it will be a single payer system and be as bad as GB?” Because they’ve told us what they’re doing. It’s not a Trojan Horse, it’s just right there!

Why should we trust them? “It is not a principled fight!” Indeed, it is not. The fact that they are confident enough to admit it publicly, proudly, should frighten you.

It does me.

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