I Knew They Couldn’t Stay Away

I Knew They Couldn’t Stay Away

A while back Kim and Connie du Toit stopped blogging, about ten months ago, in fact. At the time I knew that they’d not stay away long – they had too much to say, and too big a fan base to abandon.

Well, they’re back, but in a slightly different medium. Via email:

From the “Just When You Thought It Was Safe To Roam The Internet” department:

Connie and I have decided to explore this strange new technology called “radio.” Starting on Saturday October 3rd, we will begin a weekend Internet radio show on BlogTalkRadio.com.

The show will run on Saturday and Sunday evenings, at 7pm Eastern/6pm Central. You can find a BlogTalkRadio widget to listen to our “preview” show at our new site: www.kimandconnie.com.

I expect their new show to be as interesting, provoking, and fascinating as their blogs were.

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